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Society Vidya Prasarak Mandal's

Mungasaji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Darwha

Dist - Yavatmal (M.S.)

(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati)

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Rules For Students

  1. Admitted students should enter into the classrooms and premises according to the time table.

  2. Outside students and persons are prohibited to enter into the classrooms and premises.

  3. For any works out side persons should make an entries at office. They are prohibited to wonder anywhere in promises.

  4. If college students come for any work other than the time table time they should stop at the related place instead wondering anywhere in the premises.

  5. It is compulsory that college students should come in the college, in the college uniform and with college identity card.

  6. The college students should be present for the prayer. It is mandatory.

  7. To use mobile phones is strictly prohibited for the students in the college premises.

  8. It is mandatory that vehicle should be kept only in a vehicle stand.

  9. It is prohibited to blow the horn of the vehicle and to play the music on mobile in the college premises. If so the necessary action will be taken on the users.

  10. The college students should behave politely with the teachers and with other official staff. Instead necessary action will be taken on the indisciplined.

  11. For the college work if there will be rush on the working place; the college students should be in a queue. It is mandatory.

  12. For the Sports and Games practice the students should be present on the playground in a given time. There is a prohibition to play anywhere or near the classrooms while the classes are going on.

  13. The students who do not have any lecture, they should read in the reading room or be silently in a class.

  14. It is mandatory that students should be present for all their lectures in a class.

  15. The students will not be able to give the exam. If their attendance will not be more than 80 % for the lectures.

  16. For the practice of cultural, sports and games progamme the students should be present according to the guidelines of it’s in-charge professors.

  17. There is restriction to write any vulgar and to draw the pictures on the walls, desks & benches in the college premises. If found it will be punishable.

  18. The necessary action will be taken on the students who will hurt any other students by their behavior.

  19. Smoking and intoxication is strictly prohibited in the college premises.

  20. The students who will be continuously absent more than a week; the necessary action will be taken by making the contact with their parents.

  21. The students should not bring any valuables with them e.g. jewelry, documents or any other. Regarding this if any of the problem will create the college will not be responsible for that.

  22. The students should keep their Books, Notebooks, Mobile and luggage on their own responsibility. If any problem creates the college will not be responsible for that.

  23. Do not damage the college furniture, fans, electric boards, notice board, trees in the premises, sports and games instruments. Library books, laboratory apparatus and any other college property. If done that full amount will be charge during clearance.

  24. Attendance is necessary in the sports and games, in the cultural programmes and NSS of the college. In this no one be indisciplined.

  25. In the college; for the college work, the students and the outsiders may contact for the related work through the window. Do not enter direct in the office. It is prohibited.

  26. It is mandatory for the college students to keep identity card and admission slip with them while taking the sign of principle or the teachers.

  27. It is mandatory for all the college students to be present in the college uniform for all national programmes.

  28. The necessary action will be taken as per the rules over the students who will breach above rules.